Think a little, learn a lot

At the start of 2015 I made it my resolution to learn something new about gardening every day.  I was inspired by this blog which says you should allocate 20 minutes a day to do something for yourself – whether that’s meditating, reading a book or taking up a new hobby – if you do that it’s remarkable how much you can achieve in a year.

In the past few weeks I’ve been amazed at how much variety and creativity you can fit into such a simple task (I was worried that I was going to get very bored, very quickly).  Sometimes I take my 20 minutes at work during my lunch break, other times I do it in bed over a morning coffee or maybe in the evening if I find myself with a spare slot before or after dinner.

Anyone who’s into gardening will fully understand there’s never a shortage of things to learn, so here’s a few tips for ways to spend those 20 minutes, if you think you fancy it too:

  • Go onto the RHS website and discover how to plant and care for a specific plant you’re keen to grow. I did it for climbing roses recently and found out a whole host of valuable info.
  • If you’re interested in growing veggies visit the real men sew   blog – light entertainment and full of valuable tips for allotmenters
  • Get out your seed box and put your seeds into alphabetical order (you’ll be thankful come planting time)
  • Clean out pots from last year in preparation for sewing
  • Start planning a growing calendar
  • Take 20 minutes to read your latest edition of Gardeners World magazine (if you don’t subscribe, get signed up – it’s the best day of the month when it comes through the letterbox)
  • If all of the above sound too strenuous, stick on BBC iplayer and get the latest edition of the Big Allotment challenge (more on this in a later post – but it certainly offers lots of valid tips and some light entertainment!)

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