Inspiration for March – my ideas in pictures

It’s a warm and beautiful sunny day here in Scotland, and it’s making me feel excited for Spring.  Here’s a quick picture-led blog to give you some inspiration and ideas for things to do over the month ahead:


Daffodils – look out for these springing up everywhere – from gardens to the middle of motorways.  Visit The Daffodil Society blog if you’d like to find out more.


Seedlings – March is the month to start nurturing seedlings. Begin with hardier veg, if you live in the cooler climes of Scotland, such as cabbage, swede and carrots.  Access more advice on horticulture and gardening in Scotland here


Potato chitting – if you’ve not started already, get your potatoes chitting in an egg box in a sunny windowsill.  This year I’m growing Kestrels – they are a purple variety and I’m excited to see how they develop.  The rumour goes that you should plant out your potatoes on St Patricks day – so only a few weeks to go! (maybe hold off another few weeks though if you live in a frost-prone area).


Crocuses – they are cropping up everywhere – they add so much colour and put a real spring in my step.

forced rhubarb

Forced rhubarb.  If you’ve not started already, get an upturned black bin and cover the crown of one of your rhubarbs.  It will start producing sweet stems ready for picking in no time.  Note – choose a new crown each year (they don’t like being forced two years in a row as they need time to recover).


Oriental poppies. Time to get these planted out so that they are ready to flower in early summer and bring lots of colour to your garden.


Birds.  The mornings are getting so much lighter and the birds are beginning to emerge. I love hearing the song of the robin or the song thrush when I’m working away at the allotment. Make sure you keep feeding the birds and also give them a fresh supply of water regularly.  If you want to get more birds in your garden, the RSPB has some great advice on how to do it.



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