Easter outdoor activities and Glasgow’s Green Year

Anything that encourages people to get outdoors and involved in nature and the environment wins my backing.  That’s why (as a proud Glaswegian) I’m very interested in 2015 being ‘Glasgow’s Green Year’.

This is a programme being driven forward by Glasgow City Council to get citizens to take an interest in sustainability.  It basically consists of a calendar of events and activities throughout the year for people of all ages to take part in – from pond dipping to wildlife walks, volunteering opportunities with community garden projects, talks, cinema showings and art exhibitions.  It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about how important the environment is for the city and for your own welfare – view the calendar, follow Glasgow’s Green Year on twitter, or download the Green Year 2015 app to get details of upcoming events.

On that note, if you’re interested in getting outdoors during the Easter weekend, here’s a list of events happening in parks around the city.  There’s loads of things, from Farmers Markets to kids petting farms to family fun runs.

Those of you with kids might be interested in the healthy Easter fruit hunt in the Children’s Garden in Glasgow Botanics on Easter Sunday.  There’s also the first seed planting extravaganza of the year on Monday in the garden – visit the Facebook page for more details.  Both events start at 2pm and are free to attend.

Now the clocks have changed and the weather’s getting better, there’s no excuse not to get out and explore our wonderful outdoors.

Enjoy, and happy Easter!

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