Patience is a virtue – why gardeners should save planting till May

Like many Scottish growers, I’ve already fallen victim to our very changeable weather conditions this year.  I knew I would.  The words “I told you so” were echoing in my ears as I planted out my beautiful little runner bean seedlings last Sunday in the glorious April sunshine.   I’d been advised by a number of gardening confidantes not to plant anything till May, but I simply couldn’t wait any longer.  My impatience got the better of me, and now I’m paying the price.  The day after I planted out, the whole of Scotland experienced a severe cold snap, followed by a week of close to zero conditions and frosty mornings.  It would be fair to say that my runner bean seedlings are no more.  That’ll teach me!

A snowy allotment site
A snowy allotment site (still very fresh in the memory!)

The death of my first planting of the season came to light yesterday when I visited the allotment, and so I took it upon myself to look up some expert advice.  This is a great article from the Telegraph full of good tips from Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticulture Advisor, who has analysed the UK’s weird weather trends this year and come up with some handy hints for gardeners.

His advice seems to be to “keep calm and carry on”. Now that May is here that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  Surely there can’t be any more late frosts now?

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Nicola, this is our first planting year in our new house and I’m struggling to be patient about getting started. I planted some tomato and pepper seeds which have been in the greenhouse, it’s only now, 3 weeks later that they are even daring to pop their heads above ground. It’s really trying the patience to watch gardening shows and read all the magazines, showing progress when it feels as though I’m so behind. While it’s good for encouraging me to do other stuff, I’d still rather be watching my veggies grow 🙂

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  2. The Bonnie Gardener says:

    Well done you for giving it a go! If you persevere I’m sure you’ll be successful. I agree it can seem frustrating when you watch gardening programmes and everything looks beautiful and grows perfectly but I reassure myself by thinking they have vast teams behind them doing all the work! You on the other hand are doing it single handedly! Well done again and keep up the good work, keep me posted and send me a picture if you can! Thanks, nicola x


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