By Girona – flowers are an international symbol of happiness

girona 2

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, what language you speak or which religion you follow, flowers are an international symbol of peace and happiness.

That was my thought this weekend when I visited the Girona Temps de Flors (flower festival), in the small Cateonian city of Girona – a short train journey from Barcelona.   For a few days each year, the colours and aromas of flowers fill the narrow winding streets, buildings and squares of this quintessentially Spanish town – and it is certainly a date worth putting in the diary for a visit (if for no other reason than a good warm up act for the Chelsea flower show).

This is a festival has grown considerably in size and scope since it was first held in 1954, and the whole town (businesses, homes, arts, cultural and religious places) all seem to embrace the festivities with open arms.

Although there was over 100 display venues to choose from, I thought I’d post a blog with a few of my favourite exhibits.

girona 4

girona 5                 girona 3

girona 1

2 Comments Add yours

  1. allotmentliz says:

    I’m actually from Lloret de Mar, which is very close. It’s absolutely beautiful. I love that everyone gets involved.


  2. The Bonnie Gardener says:

    Thank you for posting! You’re so lucky – it is a beautiful city, the people were so welcoming and the flowers were stunning! I hope you’ve managed to get along to see it this year! x


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