Finding inspiration at the Chelsea Garden Show 2015

It would be fair to say my inaugural visit to the Chelsea Flower Show last Friday surpassed even my greatest expectations.

Of all the fabulous show gardens, the L’Occitane’s perfumers garden was my favourite – and well worth the hunt to track it down (finally spotted at 3pm in the afternoon).  A quintessential French rustic cottage garden, the Telegraph sums it up beautifully, describing it as “championing naturalistic, shabby chic planting.” It’s fascinating to think all the show gardens are built from scratch in just 19 days and dismantled in five – the work that these gardeners do during this time is incredible – a true art form.


If you feel inspired by Chelsea this year, and are interested in staying ahead of the curve and getting your garden in tip top shape, the Guardian has listed the four top trends emerging from this year’s show.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of some of my favourite gardens, products and flowers from the day. Chelsea Garden Show 2016 here we come!


image4 23

22 19

15 13

10 8


6 7 14


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