Read my new Scot’s Magazine gardening blog


I’m very privileged to feature in Scot’s Magazine this month and to be writing a weekly blog on the magazine’s website throughout July.

My first entry offers some top tips on how to grow lettuce leaves, and the second entry – up today – is about how to encourage wildlife into your garden to help it thrive – from bees to butterflies, we’ve got it covered.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  It’s fantastic to be associated with the world’s oldest magazine – dating all the way to 1739 – which celebrates our country’s rich heritage and promotes the new face of Scotland and its people.Click here to visit the Scot’s magazine home page.

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Oh, I loved the Holeewylns. I also like that Emma is scarred and that her scars (and her appearance generally!) are not a subject for comment; she’s not “the ugly one” or in any way dismissed because she’s not sporting beach balls on her chest. She’s clearly one of the two that David looks to most for advice (along with Torgal). Well done, Square.


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