Christmas 2015 – top gardening gifts

It may be a fallow time for most gardeners but Christmas is the perfect time to start getting excited about your garden next year. Here’s some of my top pics for green fingered gifts

  1. Gothic hanging bird table

bir tb

The birds in your garden will be happy with this gothic bird table from the RSPB. It comes with a sturdy chain so you can hang it from a strong tree branch of bracket. The recycled plastic tray is removable for easy cleaning, and it also comes complete with some free suet cakes!   £39.99

Buy here

Honey Night Cream

bee cream


This luxurious honey night cream from online retailer contains honey and natural oils for skin tending towards dryness. Use on face and neck for smooth hydrated looking skin.


Buy here



 DIY Polytunnel

Avid growers will thank you for this fab mini-polytunnel – 4ft x 8ft – from Robinson Polytunnels. It will help to keep vegetable seedlings warm throughout the winter months, getting the growing season off to a flying start in 2016.


Buy here


Tough Touch Gardening Gloves


These Tough Touch, gauntlet-style glove are designed for use on heavier, thornier garden tasks. The suppleness and strength to the leather allows for great dexterity and protection when wielding the secateurs.


Buy here


Copper Indoor Metal Watering Can

watering can

This pretty polished copper watering can with brass rose will last forever and will look lovely on display when not in use. Ideal for house plants, window boxes and small hanging baskets with a one litre capacity, so more suited for the indoor gardener. Buy from the Chelsea Gardener.


Buy here


Felco FEL2 Model 2 Original Secateurs


There are cheaper alternatives but Felco claims that their secateurs are recognised as the finest in the world by horticulturists, professional growers and discerning gardeners in more than 80 countries. Every Felco secateur is subjected to more than 100 quality control processes before leaving the factory. The Swiss precision made blades are replaceable and the ergonomic styling guarantee them a long lasting spot in the tool shed. Available from Amazon


Buy here


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