Using glass to enhance your garden


A garden can and should be treated as an extension to our indoor living space.  While the fun part is making your garden look wonderful with colourful plants and structures, it’s important that it is also designed in a way that is functional and safe for everyone to use.

This is where companies like Balustrade Components can come in handy – they supply components and fixings for use with all kinds of materials, including glass

There’s a number of ways that glass balustrades can be used as the perfect addition to any garden.  First and foremost they can act as a safety barrier for areas that need to be cordoned off, such as a decking area or somewhere with a steep drop. They can also create separate spaces if you want to create different zones in your garden.  Last but not least they can also be a decorative feature.

Safety is a key consideration in the garden, particularly around water, and in the past the only solutions have looked cumbersome and almost over-the-top. Glass balustrades give you the peace of mind that the area has an effective boundary, but without looking too industrial.

Quick and easy to design, a professional installation company can have glass balustrades fitted in the blink of eye, immediately making an area of your garden safer. Check out the range on offer at Balustrade Components.



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