Transform your garden with fivepansies

If you’re keen to transform your garden but don’t have the resources to invest in a garden designer then I may have a solution for you.

Two UK-based landscape architects – Tim and Martin – have created a website called five pansies, featuring a range of garden designs which you can download in PDF format, giving you inspiration for your outdoor space and a step by step guide for how to go about it.

Whether you are keen to transform your lawn into a classical garden with pergolas, rose arches and lavender beds, or a modern garden with box hedging and symmetrical shapes and seating areas, five pansies will guide you through the process. Starting by taking measurements, advising what plants to grow and where to source them from, the downloadable pdf is akin to an IKEA solution for the novice gardener, but better, obviously!

Tim set up five pansies to help everyone achieve the garden of their dreams.  He said “I appreciate that it often costs a lot of money to employ a garden designer. What’s more, you don’t ever quite know what they will come back with…what if they decide there aren’t enough underwater themed gardens in the world and force you to use a snorkel every time you want to hang out the washing?”

To create the site, he teamed up with his friend and fellow landscape architect, Martin and together the gardening duo have designed a range of low cost, low maintenance gardens that can be downloaded and adapted to suit any space – from a tiny 2 metre square garden to a huge outdoor area.

The designs are great in that they can be adapted to gardens of any size of shape, and Tim and Martin have designed everything to work as a stand-alone component. Each component, whether it be shrub planting, a lawn or paving, can easily be expanded, moved or adapted to suit any space.

One of the highlights of the pack is a page that allows you to cut-out and move the components around to change the design before you start any digging. This gives the flexibility to adapt the design to a huge array of gardens.  It’s really quite engaging and allows you to get creative with your own design!

If you’d like to download a pack, visit five pansies to view the selection.  There will be more options added over the coming weeks and months.

The Bonnie Gardener has teamed up with five pansies to offer a fantastic DISCOUNT for this blog’s readers – 20% off a garden design, which retails at £80.

Please just enter the code  ‘welove20%off’  when you come to pay for your order!

Thanks for your interest, and good luck garden designing!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. scrangelina says:

    Looks really good but it’s frustrating because nowhere can I see how much it costs.


  2. The Bonnie Gardener says:

    It is £80 for a garden design but you would get 20% off with the voucher code!


  3. scrangelina says:

    That’s really reasonable. Does it say on the website anywhere? Was I just missing it? I would have assumed it was more money – maybe four times that amount – and just moved on had it not been on your blog. Worth feeding back maybe?


  4. Tim says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the feedback, I will get on that right away and show the prices more prominently.

    All the best,

    Five Pansies


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