Time to prune your plum trees

If you have a plum tree in your garden which has started showing signs of new growth, now is the time to prune it.

All stone fruit trees (cherries, plums, damsons) should be pruned lightly in late spring, rather than in winter as that can leave the tree open to disease.  One advantage of early pruning is that you can thin and/or remove diseased fruit at the same time. Although, according to Ken Cox at Glendoick nursery, thinning fruit after the natural ‘June drop’ helps the tree to maintain energy levels and reduces the tendency to biennial cycles of bumper crop followed by barren crop.

After a very productive first year in the allotment, my well-established Victoria plum tree has had very little fruit over the past two years – so I’m hoping when I go up this weekend I will see lots of new signs of growth.  Plum jam, anyone?

Here’s a video I’ve found to show you how to prune your tree in spring time:

Video on how to prune a plum tree

Good luck! Plum-Tree3


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