Top salad growing tips in Magnet’s Ignite Magazine

Whether your outdoor space consists of a large back garden or a small sunny window sill, why not put it to best use by growing some simple vegetables to make your own salad?

While I’m no Michelin starred chef, I do enjoy putting together a nice meal and eating it sitting with friends and family around the kitchen table. I’m pretty confident that the nicer your kitchen looks and feels, the better your dinner will taste.

If you feel the same, then I hope you will learn something new from my latest published article in the Magnet Kitchens Spring edition of Ignite.  As well as offering some of my own top tips for growing vegetables for your own kitchen garden, the latest Spring magazine from this top kitchen design company also contains features on how to entertain kids in the kitchen and choosing the best colour for the hub of your home.

Lots of the information is from bloggers like myself based in the UK – including Becky Goddard from A Beautiful Space and Mike Ahern from Brit Decor, and you can visit their sites if you are keen to find out more.

So, whether its rocket, tomatoes, sweet peppers or cucumbers that you want to grow, read all my top seasonal tips to help you get growing here.



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