Top tips for attracting birds and wildlife into your garden

While I love nothing more than a beautiful garden, I think it’s equally important that an outdoor living space is beneficial for birds, animals and insects.  As an avid nature lover, I wanted to share this latest guest blog from a company called Living With Birds – an online supplier of wild bird food, bird feeders and wildlife supplies.

Here the company shares some of its top tips for attracting wildlife into your garden. Enjoy!

Nest Boxes and Materials

Nest boxes and materials that aid birds in building nests will increase your chances of attracting wildlife within your garden. Offer the birds nesting material so that they won’t have to stray from your garden in order to settle. ‘Nesting materials’ are anything that the birds can use to build their nest; this includes string, straw, dried grasses, twigs and small bits of cloth. Place these items around your garden at random or hang them in a small bag not far from the nest box to encourage the birds to stay and keep returning to your garden.

Bird Baths and Feeders

Although spring is here, flowers and plants that once provided your garden wildlife with nutrients may not be in full bloom. One of the ways in which you can help the local inhabitants is through the use of bird baths and feeders. The style of the bird bath that you select you can influence the theme of your garden – you can make your garden feel homely through the use of stone such as granite or if you’re looking for a more contemporary feel white marble is likely to be the style that suits you.

Bird feeders can be attached to your bird bath or hung from various points within your garden; this will provide birds and other animals with a source of food whilst adding movement and colour to your garden during the blustery spring days.

Indigenous Plants

Growing indigenous plants will attract species of birds that live locally as it offers protection from predators and natural nesting materials. To attract birds and other animals you do not need to grow a large number of plants – simply grow two or three particular types of plant along the edge of the garden. Not only will this attract birds and other wildlife into your garden, it will also create the perfect border.

For more information on encouraging garden birds into your garden, visit

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