How to pet-proof your garden

Having a pet that enjoys spending time in the garden requires some thought – on the one hand your garden will need protection from your pet, but your pet will also need to be protected from the garden, particularly when it comes to things like poisonous plants and man made fertilisers.

This handy infographic from Home Advisor offers some top tips and defensive measures to allow you to enjoy your garden and your pet in equal measure – with no need for concern. Happy viewing!




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  1. solushouse says:

    I was looking for information about how to make my garden pet-proof from other people’s pets, namely cats. It makes me cringe every time I go out to dig up one of my lovingly tended potatoes, carrots, etc., and a cat has used the veg bed as a toilet. Can you advise? I’ve tried all kinds of things, and have spent around £60 on electronic cat scarers, which don’t work. I’m thinking of billing my cat-owning neighbours for the cost of everything I’ve tried. Many thanks.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried a pepper spray? Alternatively I know some people whon have had success with putting a loose netting over their veg plot to stop the cats getting in. Very irritating – I totally appreciate where you are coming from! Or you could get a dog??


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