Creating colour using flower beds and pots

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to make a garden more colourful and interesting. I personally think that regardless of budget or the amount of time you have to redesign your garden, one of the best ways to add beauty is through your flower beds. These can look fantastically bright and beautiful every month of the year, as long as you pick the right plants to put in them.

When it comes to creating flower beds, most of us simply dig up an area of our garden and use that to create an area for planting. However, the truth is that you can make a cute, quirky and unique flower bed with a little bit of forward thinking. To get you started, I’ve outlined below a few suggestions and ideas.

Create a rockery

ellie jo 1
Credit: Ellie Jo

Rockeries are a great way to brighten up your garden. They’re different to normal flower beds because, as well as containing a range of plants, they are ideal for areas where the soil is gritty and free draining – they’re also perfect if all you have is a small outside area, as plants that are well-suited to rockeries are usually small succulents.

First things first, you need to create the ideal area for your rockery by laying the foundations. This helps to give the area the layers that it needs to work well as a rockery. You can then start adding the rocks and stones, and then you can dot the plants and shrubs around them. Some plants grow better than others in rockeries – have a look at saxifraga, heathers and hebe and take the time to research the best ones to use.

Design raised flower beds

Another option for brightening up your garden is designing raised flower beds. These are ideal for adding different levels to your garden and can give the space a more modern and unique look.  They are also perfect for people with back problems as there is far less bending over required when weeding.

When it comes to what to create your raised flower beds from, there are a range of options. Bricks can be a popular choice, although they can be heavy to move around.   I prefer used railway sleepers – they give the flower bed a more natural look, and it’s just a case of stacking them up and securing them, to create a perfect raised flower bed.

Get creative with pots

ellie jo 2
Credit – Ellie Jo

If you have any old buckets, troughs or large pots in your home or garden, these can make fantastic spaces for flowers. It’s amazing how a coat of paint and a few pretty flowers can bring old buckets and troughs back to life.

Most importantly, keep an open mind and be creative – your garden can be filled with colour all year round!

Happy gardening.

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