Create a garden for adults and children

Particularly at this time of year, the garden should be considered an extension of the home – a space to relax, get back to nature, socialise with friends and play with the kids. Make the most of it during the summer – it’s a great opportunity to get away from the TV and spend some quality time in the great outdoors getting fresh air, exercise and teaching children how to grow plants while giving them the chance to get creative and get their hands dirty.  

Here’s some ways to get the most out of your outdoor space – for adults and children alike.

1Image credit: Pexels

For The Adults

If you are creating a garden for both adults and children why not think about separating your spaces? A decking area is perfect for an evening drink and luxury outdoor dining furniture and loungers – the ideal grown up-only space.  Timber decking from companies such as will create an elegant feel for your garden, and is perfect for locating a BBQ on to soak up the evening sun.  Invest in a state-of-the-art BBQ and you can enjoy outside dining for all of the summer months.

Sensory gardens, where you can touch, taste and smell the things that you plant are also perfect for the adults, and children will enjoy them too. Consider planting rows of lavender or creeping roses, jasmine or honeysuckle to fill the area with scent.  If it’s an evening space you are after, try growing night scented stock or tobacco plant – both of which come into their own as the sun disappears and evening falls.

If grow-your-own is more appealing, you could create a vegetable and salad patch. While the growing season is mostly over for this summer, you can still grow cut and come again lettuce, or try overwintering onions, winter cabbages or growing Christmas potatoes – a brilliant way to bring healthier, fresh foods onto your kitchen table.

Image credit: Pixaby

For The Children

A separate garden area for your children could include a tree swing, climbing frame or a slide. Make sure this area is filled with knee-height bark chipping to soften any falls.

Children of all ages will love their own plot of land to use as a vegetable patch or wild flower area. Teach them how to sow and grow and watch in wonder as they nurture the herbs and vegetables they have grown. This is also a super way to teach children about patience, fresh food and healthier living. If you have a long garden, devote a section to a magical hideaway for your children. In the summer months, you can create a fortress where they can hide away and play and read. The main goal here is to get your children out in the fresh air and back to nature.
Most importantly, have fun, and happy gardening!

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