December in the garden

I’ve been terribly neglectful of The Bonnie Gardener blog over the past couple of months, but I would like to assure you that that doesn’t mean I am not gardening or thinking about gardening. Quite the contrary, in fact – I have been kept fully occupied over the Autumn pruning, clearing out herbaceous beds, doing LOTS of leaf clearing and taking plenty of joy in watching the little robins jump about as I go about my day.

It’s been a real privilege to work as a gardener over the past few months and while we have had our fair share of bitterly freezing days, there’s still so much to do at this time of year – it just has to be done with lots of warm clothes on, and most importantly the right gardening gloves for the day, the job and the weather.  It’s also helpful to have some company, and I’m glad to report we recently got a lovely border collie, Bonnie, who is like my very own version of Monty Don’s Nigel.

Last weekend I spent a couple of hours in our own garden which was long overdue.  I took some cuttings from a few of our roses and they are now sitting in the conservatory where I hope they will take root for planting out in the spring.  I’m also planning to spend some time over the Christmas period planning a herbaceous bed (which I envisage will look like a long flowing flowering river) that will run through the garden and I’m looking forward to the challenge of designing a herbaceous bed that will offer year-round interest and colour.

Earlier in the Autumn I planted lots of bulbs and for the first time I naturalised some crocuses in the lawn under our big conifer.  I know it’s a bit early yet, but I’m already excited about them popping up and the splash of colour they will bring in the early spring season when it is very much in demand.

One of my favourite plants at this time of year is Pyracantha – every time I see one while I’m working it fills my heart with joy.  Now it’s December I’m desperate to start collecting beautiful flowers, shrubs and spent seed heads for Christmas decorations and festive wreaths.

That’s it for now.  Just a quick blog today to assure you (and myself!) that there’s plenty more to follow.

Get outside, wrap up warm and happy gardening!

N x

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