Guest blog – top ten garden gadgets

The advancement of technology means there are lots of sophisticated gadgets that will bring benefits to any gardening enthusiast.

In this blog, guest blogger Lillian Danner – all the way from New York City – tells us what she thinks are ten of the best gadgets for gardeners.  They are all available for purchasing on Amazon.

Lillian loves gardening and especially garden gnomes.  All year she drams of the days of June when the sky is blue, the sun is warm, the grass is green and the garden is in full bloom.  She loves everything from outdoor gardening, indoor growing, veg plots, perennials, annuals and houseplants.


Lillian says:

Folding Bluetooth Headphones


Research has shown that listening to music while working helps you to complete tasks more quickly because it improves your mood and productivity.

This Bluetooth headphone allows you to listen to music from any device that is Bluetooth enabled. It features all the technical specifics of a contemporary audio gear, offering top-quality sound in a comfortable and portable package. Priced at only £20, it’s quite a steal.

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger


Did you know that taking breaks while working is an effective method of regaining focus? That’s why you might consider an inflatable lounger to rest on in your garden while enjoying the much needed break. These gadgets are not costly.

They come with a standard price of £20.

2 in 1 Portable Barbeque Grill and Cooler Bag


The only way to refuel your energy after doing heavy work in the garden is through eating, and you don’t have to wait till you get home so that you can stuff your tummy with healthy food. The 2 in 1 portable BBQ grill and cooler bag allows you to prepare your food right there in the garden after doing the heavy work.


Parrot Flower Power


In this busy world, it is not unusual to be so preoccupied with one thing that we forget to cater for other important tasks. As a gardener, you may forget to water the plants at the right time because of other engagements. However, the parrot flower power has been designed to help you avoid the consequences of failing to water your plants.

The gadget is placed in the pot to analyze four parameters that are essential to your plants survival: moisture, temperature, fertilizer, and sunlight. It feeds you these important details via your Smartphone via Bluetooth connection. With this gadget, you will be informed on when to water, fertilize, or even repot your plants to ensure that they grow healthily.

This amazing gadget is priced at £85.

Smart Sprinkler Controller


Sometimes you don’t have any work in the garden expect watering the plants, and this is the time you wish you had an automated system where you could just flick a switch and have the system water the plants for you, right? Priced at £150, the smart sprinkler links to your Smartphone through Bluetooth.

Domed Bird Feeder


Do you enjoy feeding birds in your garden? Well, you need to have the domed bird feeder installed in your open space to enjoy watching the birds come and feed from the gadget.

These gadgets are priced at £35.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Tiles


You don’t need to outsource the services of a qualified electrician if you are looking to install lights in your garden. The solar outdoor lighting tiles are designed with a range of different colors to enhance the aesthetics of your garden at night, and they do not consume any of your electricity in case you start worrying about your electric bill.

They are convenient when hosting a garden party, plus they only cost £25 per piece.

Garden Groom Electric Hedge Trimmer


This gadget is designed to help ease hedge trimming in that, it cleans up after itself; thus, saving you a lot of time and energy. In addition to cutting and shredding the hedges, it basically collects the clippings as well. It is a nice gadget to have, especially if you have a nice hedge growing around your garden.

They cost just £25; thus, it is extremely affordable to have in your garden.

Lawn Automower


Do you have a lawn in your garden? Are you tired of mowing the lawn manually? Fret no more! The lawn automower is designed to mow the lawn for you.

This gadget is not cheap and it comes with a standard price of about £800 for the cheapest model.

However, it saves you the hustle of manually mowing the lawn on your own.

Garden String Cutter


This gadget comes in handy when you have a lot of work that involves cutting, considering that it allows your hands to be free to tie and secure a twine, and just use it for cutting only when it is needed.



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