Planning a raised bed for Spring

There’s no doubt that gardening is a year-round activity and even in the winter months there’s plenty to be done.  Thinking ahead to the spring is something we can do when the ground is hard and conditions are cold to inspire us for the exciting months ahead.

One nice way to start plotting out your spring gardening is to spend some time looking at your garden and imagining what you could add to it.  Perhaps a raised bed or two could add a new layer to the garden – raised beds are a good way of ensuring well-drained soil, which is perfect for growing fruit and rows of veg as well as cut flowers.

If you want to build a raised bed yourself – it’s fairly straightforward as long as you have access to some good quality wood, such as pallets, and stakes to support it into the ground. Alternatively, look through some of the existing options – you may find more variety than you expect.

Screwfix’s collection of outdoor furniture and tools includes a thorough look at the different types of raised beds that can go in all different sorts of garden spaces. It’s worth taking the time to give yourself a better idea of what you might be looking for, or what might look best in the space you have.

When you secure the framework for a raised bed, you’ll want to start plotting out the actual planting – the soil doesn’t need to be deep – around 40cm or so will do, as long as you choose your plants carefully (no potatoes!).  Raised beds are an excellent space to create miniature vegetable gardens – Craftsy lists everything from leafy greens to beans as good options for a raised bed, so there’s plenty you can do with the space.

Most importantly, be creative and let me know how you get on!


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