Hedge trimmer review – Einhell GE-PH 2555

A good hedge trimmer is an essential tool for any gardener – not just for cutting hedges but also for shaping larger garden shrubs such as photinia, cornus and aucuba. I recently purchased a new Einhell GE-PH 2555 from power tool and garden supply company FFX and while the hedge trimming season isn’t yet in full swing, I’ve had quite a few opportunities to give it a go.


So far I’ve been very impressed with it – it’s quick to start, even from cold, and has very sharp blades which will cut through even the hardiest of plants. I recently used it to reduce a very large laurel hedge which hadn’t been pruned for a few years and needed cut back – it did the job beautifully, so I’m overall pleased.  The model is perhaps a little heavier than I would have liked (5.45kg) which makes it trickier to use when up a ladder doing a high hedge but the swivel handle makes it simpler to navigate when on the ground working at different angles, particularly with lower hedges and shrubs.

The trimmer is also a good price – £124 – compared to others on the market which come in at £200+ and so far has been very reliable and efficient.  It also looks good and comes with a handy cover to protect the blades when it’s in the back of my van.  Compared to other hedge trimmers I’ve used in the past I would say it rates highly on the quick start element and also on the sharpness of blades.  I’d give this product a 8/10 – all I need is a bit of extra muscle in my arms to keep me going this summer, which surely isn’t a bad thing!

Here’s a before and after pic of the laurel I refer to above. It was hard work but a job well needed and well done by the end!

IMG_1811     IMG_1815