Gardening inspiration for a blank canvas

A gardener’s biggest challenge isn’t necessarily dealing with pests, weeding, or pruning but starting from scratch with a completely new garden. It can be hard to find inspiration when you’re faced with a new space but there are a few places to look that can help you find it.

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Who’s going to use it

This is perhaps the most important question. You want to make sure that the garden is suited to everyone that uses it. For instance, if you have children, you might want to avoid any hard edges or tripping hazards in your landscaping. If you have a family pet, then consider looking up which plants are toxic to them and cut them out of your plans for good.

What it’s used for

Beyond who will use it, consider what you want to use it for. If you’re a keen fruit and vegetable grower, then there are plenty of food garden apps that can help you plot out what should go where to ensure they get the best growth possible. If you want to create a social space, then you might want to consider getting rid of some lawn to make more liveable space with decking or patio stones. If you’re a gardening hobbyist, then consider a yard that allows easier access to the plants by keeping flower plots closer to the door.

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The space available

Everyone has a finite amount of space available to garden in and you have to consider carefully what best fits in the space you have. You might have a lot of ideas but now’s the time to get picky with them. When it comes to the practicalities of creating a gorgeous garden in a set space, then garden design services can help you make practical plans using concept sketches and CAD design. That way you can see what your designs will look like in real life before you spend time putting them in place.

The surroundings

Of course, a garden should be one with its surroundings, not sticking out too wildly from them. If you have a classical home you might consider vertical gardening up old walls to make it look more historical or use plants that fit the property like wisteria with Victorian style homes.  You might also want to consider neighbour’s homes and the area around you, as well. If everyone else has neat lawns and contemporary designs, then the gaudy, overly colourful route might make the home stick out too much and create a jarring image to the garden.


Beyond the points above, it’s a good idea to keep checking blogs or get on Pinterest to look for gardening inspiration and pictures you like. Pin what catches your eye and create an inspiration board that can help you pinpoint designs every time you come to it in future.