Key elements for a relaxing garden

There’s no question that a garden is a great location to chill and unwind in, but if you are anything like me, before you can de-stress you’ll have to make sure it is relaxation-ready. If my garden isn’t up to scratch, I can’t kick back and relax – it’s impossible not to want to weed, rake and make tidy. The trick to creating a perfect tranquil outdoor space is to create somewhere which is peaceful and tranquil, and you need the right elements to get a perfect balance. If you don’t know where to begin, here is a selection of the basics every garden should have.

Comfy Furniture

Picture the scene. You have a cocktail and a good book in hand, and you’re ready to sit down and take it easy. But, when your bum hits the seat, there is a problem – the chair isn’t comfortable. To ensure the furniture is up to scratch, opt for name brands like Stuart Jones or Bridgman furniture. These two companies have a reputation for providing comfort and quality.

Focal Points

Normally, you only want one focal point in a room. However, in the garden, it is ok to have lots – they act as a fixture for contemplation and they help to take you on a journey around the garden. As soon as you fix your eyes on a sculpture, it is easy to forget about life for a moment and focus only on the feature. It is even possible to install spiritual features to take relaxation to the next level. An angel or sculptures of Buddha are good for pondering the day’s events.

relax 2


Running Water

Another great focal point is a water feature. Like the others, a fountain is a good source of contemplation, too, yet it also has another advantage – relaxation. Some people listen to the sounds of running water in their sleep. As long as the water is not still, like in a birdbath, the sounds should calm you down every time you are in the garden. What you want is a slow, trickling sound instead.

Overhead Shelter

In the Scottish summer, it is not rare for it to rain but there is no reason for a little bit of water to ruin your peace. With a piece of material over the decking, it is perfectly fine to sit in the garden and relax. Even if the weather is good, it is a good idea to have some form of shelter. Too much sun can lead to sunburn and that is not peaceful or tranquil. Or, the sun can get in your eyes and make sitting outside feel uncomfortable.

With the elements, your garden will be a haven for relaxation.