Garden jobs for Autumn

It definitely feels as if Autumn has arrived and for many people the dark nights and chilly days mean there’s a temptation to spend less time in the garden.  However, there’s plenty still to do and it’s important to make sure you find the time to get on with the Autumn jobs – for the benefit of your plants and lawn – before Winter comes.

Below are just some of the jobs you might want to put on the back burner, but try to find some bright and sunny Autumn days to fit them in if you can and your garden will thank you for it.


Don’t assume Mother Nature is going to beat pesky weeds into submission over Winter. True, the cold will kill some of them, but roots and seeds blown in from other gardens will spread during the autumn months. There is some helpful advice at to help you deal with the problem.

Addressing greenhouse frost

Greenhouses are great as they allow us to grow and protect half-hardy plants all year round. You can buy one to suit your garden at However, some of your crops won’t be safe from the freezing temperatures unless you keep your greenhouse frost free. There is more advice at, that will help you keep your greenhouse plants safe from frost, and flourishing onwards throughout the season.

Clearing out herbaceous borders

Don’t put off clearing our your herbaceous beds till next year – not only does it look unattractive but they are also an open invitation to common garden pests, such as snails and slugs. So clear out old herbaceous plants such as hostas and geraniums by October /November. That being said, it is good to keep some plants in place till Spring – particularly that of plants which contain seed heads which the birds will find a welcome source of food over winter.

Plant spring bulbs
Want your garden looking fresh and colourful in the new year? Think ahead and start planting spring bulbs before the frost sets in and the ground hardens. Autumn signals the end of one growing season, but you should also look at it as the time for another, with opportunities for new growth. While the soil is still damp and warm around October, it is the perfect time to plant your daffodils and crocuses. Be sure to buy from the garden centre early, however, as many places get rid of spring bulbs to make room for Christmas stock.

Plants that like the cold

While many plants perish in the cold weather, unless given adequate protection, there are those that flourish in the autumn season. Many crops prefer the colder climate, and they don’t take long to grow, so you can still mature your spinach, lettuce, and radishes, for example, and enjoy them well into the winter months. The same applies to your perennials, and there is a handy list at which details those designed to stand the harshest of winters.

Stop watering potted plants

You have worked hard all summer, and have watered your garden daily to ensure everything grows as it should. However, don’t put away your watering can or hose just yet. You should still water potted plants and anything in your greenhouse. For further advice, head over to for a more detailed description on the importance of keeping your garden watered over the colder months.