There’s more to gardening than mowing the lawn

Think back to when you first moved into your house. Was the garden a big selling point? Did you admire how pretty it was and all the potential for that outdoor space? Life has a habit of getting in the way when it comes to personal projects that we’d like to carry out around the house. Maybe the years have gone by and you’ve found yourself barely managing to find the time for simple maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn. Of course, there’s much more to gardening than this if you want your outdoor space to look pretty again. Here are some tips to help you bring your garden back to life.

Let there be light.

Obviously, unless your garden is well-sheltered by trees, it’ll be getting plenty of natural light during the day. However, what happens when the sun goes down? Is your garden shrouded in darkness? You should want to proudly admire the aesthetic of this outdoor space whether it’s day or night. Invest in some solar-powered lighting so that your garden still feels as if it’s part of the home during the evenings. You and the family want to feel some incentive to actually spend time out there once the sun goes down (especially during summer). Of course, we’ll talk about other ways to help with that in the following point…

Make it homely.

It doesn’t hurt to combine the beauty of nature with the cosiness of some manmade creature comforts. You want to be able to relax in your garden. Done properly, you can make your garden very homely without losing that natural essence of the great outdoors. You don’t want to completely demolish this tranquil natural setting, by any means. The key is to find a way to interweave some homely aesthetic pieces into your existing garden to put your own personalised stamp on the space. A water fountain or a small pond, for example, could be a quaint and appealing focal point of the garden. Those water-themed ideas are also still “natural”, in a sense.

You could also create a patio area from which to admire your garden. You could get some luxury garden furniture so that you have cushioned, comfortable seating, a dining table for meals on summer evenings, and a gazebo to shelter you and your family from the elements. Get creative with the design of this area because this is a way of really connecting the cosiness of your indoor life with the beauty of the outdoor world. Remind yourself that your garden is part of your home too.


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Remember regular maintenance.

If you really you want your garden to look nice in the long-term, you have to keep it that way by maintaining it little and often. Nature is a living, breathing, growing thing. Leave it to its own devices and your garden will become wild and untamed once again. You need to work hard to maintain your efforts or all that hard work will have been for nothing.


And remember that maintenance extends beyond mowing the lawn. You need to repaint the fence if it’s looking a little faded and shabby, tend to flowerbeds or plants if they’re starting to die, and look after any manmade additions in the garden to keep them protected from weathering. Remember, everything out here is expose to the elements and will wear out far more quickly than furnishings inside your home.