Great new bag for collecting garden waste – discount for readers

I’m always looking for ways to make my daily gardening work better, more efficient and less labour intensive.

Like a lot of domestic gardeners, I use a 40 litre brightly coloured trug to collect garden waste which I fill (inevitably always a little too full, and heavy!) then dispose of into a garden wheely bin.  I find this perfect for collecting weeds, carting around small amounts of compost, or moving a few small plants from one place to another.   

For larger waste items, like wood prunings , I often use an empty tonne bag (1000 litres) as I find this to be a far more efficient way of transporting waste from one area of the garden to the bin.   The only trouble is that tonne bags are challenging to use when you are on your own – really you need somebody to hold it open for you as you put the waste in.  They are also a little bulky, cumbersome and difficult to empty in a tidy fashion.

I’ve always thought there is a gap in the market for something in between these two methods, so I was pleased to come across this 272 litre garden bag from Vine Rituals.  What I like most about it is how easy it is to transport (it folds down flat, so doesn’t take up unnecessary space in my already jam-packed van), and also that it holds itself open via a flexible removable support loop, which also keeps it upright, leaving your hands free to work. Perfect for the lone gardener!

While I may not be using this new bag daily, it is a great new addition to my van. Really perfect for collecting moss after scarifying, leaves in Autumn, grass clippings and other lighter but bulkier garden waste.   The bags are also light-weight, tear-resistant and water resistant. Voila!

You can buy a single one for £8.99 or a pack of three for £15.99 which I think is pretty good value.

If you’ d like to try out these bags, Vine Rituals are offering Bonnie Gardener readers a 10-20 % discount on their purchase through this link

I’d love to know how you get on with them if you decide to try them – please let me know!

Happy gardening in the meantime and enjoy this lovely weather!



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