Square foot gardening and conserving Scotland

At the start of the year I was contacted by a company called Highland Titles – they aim to manage, improve and conserve areas of Scotland through land management, strategic partnerships and education at their nature reserves. They have two of these – one at Glencoe and the other at Lochaber.

While much of the Scottish Highlands was once covered in ancient woodland, activities such as commercial forestry and intensive farming have altered the landscape forever. So what Highland Titles do is sell square foot plots of land to interested parties across the globe, to give them funds to undertake long-term rewilding projects to one day restore the areas to their natural state. Pretty inspiring!

They’ve made incredible progress in the first 10 years including:

  • creating a 3 acre lochan
  • removing non-native Sitka Spruce
  • planting native broadleaf trees
  • controlling the bracken using natural methods
  • installing beehives and planting wild flowers
  • creating fruitful partnerships with great wildlife projects such as The Bat Conservation Trust, Hessillhead Wildlife Rescue and Wildlife Haven.

The reason they got in touch with me was to ask if I could help them create some fresh content for their website about Square Foot Gardening. It was fun and I learned a lot! Square Foot Gardening is perfect if you’ve got a small space or are new to gardening – you can grow a lot in one 4ft x 4ft frame.

You can read their blog here and watch this space for video footage to follow!