The Bonnie Gardener on YouTube

At the start of lockdown I didn’t know if I’d be allowed to work, so I took time off while I waited for the government to announce what would and wouldn’t be permitted.

During this time, I really missed visiting gardens and seeing my clients – many of whom have become good friends. I realised how difficult it must be for anyone socially isolating  – especially those who could not see loved ones, as well as people living on their own.

I’m not very interested in technology but my husband works in IT. He suggested that I start up my own virtual community. So, for a bit of fun we created a Bonnie Gardener YouTube channel. Check it out here.

We filmed the work I was doing in thegarden and put it online in a bid to help or inspire people who wanted to use the lockdown period to learn more about the outdoors and how to garden. It made me feel like I was doing my little bit to help.  

Please connect via Facebook or Instagram if you have any ideas you’d like to see covered in the next series 🙂